You can find everything you need in Trengo’s left sidebar. In this article, we’ll take you through all you need to know to navigate through Trengo with the utmost efficiency.


Via the ‘Inbox’ icon, you can find everything you need to keep a clear overview of all the conversations in your inbox.

Inbox: Here you’ll find the general inbox, with all the tickets linked to the teams you are a part of. You can filter through new conversations, assigned and closed tickets, and spam box.

Personal: Find all the tickets which are assigned to you, tickets in which you were mentioned by a colleague, and the tickets you favored to keep an eye on.

Teams: Via ‘Teams’, you can check on all the new, assigned, closed, and spam tickets, filtered by specific teams you are a part of. In case you have administrator or supervisor permissions, feel free to read more about creating teams in Trengo.

Channels: Filter the new, assigned, closed, and spam tickets per channel you have access to.

Views: These allow you to see your conversations in custom ‘folders’. With Administrator or Supervisor permissions, you are able to add and customize views.

Labels: All tickets with specific labels attached, can be found here, grouped up per label. Learn more about creating and configuring labels.

Users: Check out all the new, assigned, closed, and spam tickets handled by specific users in your team(s). With an Administrator or Supervisor account, you can add or configure users in your Trengo account.

Team chat

Have private work conversations with your colleagues, or participate in group conversations to keep each other up to date about recent developments. Feel free to read more about Trengo's Team chat function.


Here you’ll find your Broadcasting Overview, wherefrom you can send broadcast messages to your customers, via WhatsApp or SMS. Find more information on broadcasting with Trengo in this Trengo Help Center article.

Help Center

Create your own Help Center(s) to make it easier for your customers to help themselves, or keep them up to date on your company updates.

Contacts and profiles

Store your customer’s contact info to reach out to them via different channels or see your contact history. Import contacts in bulk and group them up in profiles to keep a better overview.


Of course, you’d like to keep a clear view of your company’s performance, in regard to customer communication. Check on the number of conversations you had in a custom timespan, your company’s first response time, who did what and through what channels, and much more.


You are able to configure your company’s Trengo account just the way you want to, from adding different channels to setting up unique and specific automation that will make your workflows way more efficient.

Organization: Add and configure the teams and users in your Trengo account.

Channels: With Trengo, you can add a lot of different communication channels to keep in touch with your customers, like WhatsApp, Email, and Voice. Under ‘Channels’ you can add these and much more, and configure them to your liking.

Automation: Increase efficiency and save time by automating repetitive workflows, by setting up Chatbots, Flowbots, Rules, and more.

Settings: Configure your company’s preferences and connect third-party applications like Klaviyo, Shopify, Hubspot, and more.


In the left bottom corner of the sidebar, you’ll find four more features. Here you can directly open your Voice interface, jump to a page in Trengo, check your notifications, and edit your personal profile or availability.