The Playground allows you to test the HelpMate you've built without creating actual tickets. The HelpMate will always operate in Autopilot mode in the Playground, so you get a sense of what handovers, conversation resolutions, and generated responses look like as if you were the customer.

When testing in the Playground, you’ll see that generated responses have thumbs-up (👍) and thumbs-down (👎) icons next to them. If the HelpMate’s generated response does or does not match your expectations, you can click one of these icons to share this feedback with us.

Please note that this feedback will not teach your HelpMate directly. It will only help us understand what expectations you have and how the HelpMate generated the given response so we can make any adjustments in its programming.

When you click the feedback button, a modal will open and prompt you to share additional feedback for the generated message. Feedback options include:

  • Tone of voice
  • Accuracy (wrong answer)
  • Relevance (wrong context)
  • Other… (please elaborate)

Providing additional details will help us in improving the HelpMate’s functionalities.