For your HelpMate to effectively handle cases and provide inputs to customers or agents, it needs access to the right knowledge. The AI module possesses a basic understanding in its system and will search through designated resources for relevant information to answer questions.

Knowledge bases

Your Knowledge base tab is made up of uploaded Collections. Collections are dedicated folders that allow you to compartmentalise information and documents that any HelpMate you build can access.

For instance, you can create a Collection for each aspect of your service that you want your HelpMate to know, such as shipping information, returns, or “getting started” guidelines.

💡 During HelpMate setup, you can specify which Collections your HelpMate can see, preventing mix-ups between HelpMates designed for particular use cases.


Within a Collection, you can upload knowledge in the form of documents. You can upload up to a total of 1000 documents, not including Help Centre syncs, across all Collections. Currently, Collections can be built with PDF and TXT files.

  1. To upload a document, click “Upload document” and select a PDF from your computer. Please note a file size maximum limit of 100MB
  2. It may take a few minutes of processing before your HelpMate can utilise any uploaded documents.
  3. You can easily remove a document from a dataset by clicking the “trash can” icon. After removal, your HelpMate will no longer “remember” the document’s information.

Please be aware that pictures, charts, fonts & stylings, and other non-text elements in your files could disrupt the HelpMate’s processing and cause it to generate lower-quality responses. Ensure that your documents are as clean and legible as possible.