The Ticket Details page empowers you to explore, analyse, and export ticket data with ease, giving you the flexibility to gain insights and make informed decisions. Whether you need to investigate individual tickets or gain deeper insights into specific groups, this page allows you to navigate through and extract valuable information.

Customised Ticket Exploration

When you navigate to the Ticket Details page through any of the other reports, you are provided with filtered results that focus on the specific set of tickets you're interested in. For example, if you click on the "Assigned Conversations" metric on the Dashboard, the Ticket Details page will apply the necessary filters (e.g., Status → Assigned) to show you all these assigned conversations.

By default, the Ticket Details page displays all the tickets in your account, and you can use filters to conduct a deep dive into the tickets that matter most to you. The available filters include:

  • Teams: Show only tickets assigned to a specific team, allowing you to gain team-specific insights into their current workload.
  • Channels: Display tickets associated with a specific channel, ideal for reviewing individual channel workloads.
  • Conversation Direction: Choose to focus on conversations created by your customers, your agents, or view all conversations, regardless of the conversation initiator.
  • Labels: View tickets with applied labels, which can be used for custom insights into specific labels, such as "Priority."
  • Status: Only look at tickets with a specific status (Open, Assigned, Closed).
  • Assigned At: Display tickets that were assigned within a specific date range.
  • Closed At: Show tickets that were closed within a specific period.
  • Created As: Only show tickets created in a specific time period.

You can combine multiple filters to refine your search even further. For instance, you can filter for all WhatsApp tickets that are currently closed, assigned to team X, created last week, and resolved this week by using the following filter combinations: Channel → WhatsApp, Status → Closed, Team → X, Created At → Date range last week, Closed At → Date range this week.

Customisable Columns

To explore individual ticket information, you can use the column selector to choose the insights you want to see. The available columns include:

  • Ticket ID: Always shown as a reference.
  • Assigned Agent: Indicates which agent this ticket is assigned to.
  • Conversation Status: Reflects the current status of the ticket.
  • Attached Labels: Lists all labels attached to the conversation.
  • Channel: Specifies which channel is associated with the conversation.
  • First Resolution Time: Shows how long it took from ticket creation to the first resolution on a 24/7 clock.
  • First Resolution Time with Business Hours: Shows the time from ticket creation to the first resolution, considering only business hours.
  • Total Resolution Time: Indicates how long it took from ticket creation to the final resolution, including cases where the ticket reopened, on a 24/7 clock.
  • Total Resolution Time with Business Hours: Shows the time from ticket creation to the final resolution, considering only business hours.
  • Created On: Date stamp for the time of the ticket creation.
  • Assigned On: Date stamp for the time the ticket was assigned to the current assigner.
  • Closed On: Date stamp for the time the ticket was resolved.
  • Messages Sent: The total number of messages sent on this conversation. This includes both agent and automated messages.

Export Your Data

After customising your filters and columns to show the specific tickets and details you need, you have the option to export and download the tickets. Simply select "Download Table" to export all the tickets in the current view into a CSV format. The exported data will include all the ticket details as shown in the table, enabling you to perform in-depth analysis and reporting as needed.