AI HelpMate handles 50%+ of your customer conversations, so you always keep support and sales moving! To get the most out of your AI HelpMate and start saving your team valuable time, check off each of these steps and build the AI digital teammate that suits your customers best.

  1. Activate HelpMate. Make sure to accept the terms and conditions to get started.
  2. Build your knowledge base. Collect documents on the subject you want HelpMate to know and communicate about with your customers. These can be files from your device or a connection to a help centre you've already built on Trengo.
  3. Configure your settings. Supply your HelpMate with the tone of voice, service role, and business details that represent your company. This information will inform how your HelpMate generates responses to customer queries.
  4. Test your HelpMate. Visit the Playground, ask your HelpMate the questions your customers often ask you, and fine-tune its settings to ensure high quality responses.
  5. Connect and go live. Assign your HelpMate to a messaging or email channel, and watch it handle incoming conversations. Any conversations that it hands over to your human team will appear in your inbox like normal!