Adding a flowbot to Trengo

Before you get started read the following article first:

The anatomy of a flowbot.

To add a flowbot to Trengo you need to have an admin account.

  1. Go to settings >automation >flowbot.
  2. Click on the green + sign to add a flowbot to Trengo.

  3. Start designing your flowbot by adding steps, buttons, and actions to it. For a better user experience, click on 'full screen' to start designing your flowbot.

    💡Tip: Before you get started on designing your flowbot, we recommend, you first map out a decision tree on a piece of paper. This way you get a good overview of how your flowbot will look like and how many steps, buttons, and actions are required.

    4. Once you finished building and designing your flowbot, click on 'Configure your flowbot' in the left bottom corner.