Let’s automate your customer communication flow, by adding a flowbot to your Trengo inbox. In case you’re not familiar with the use of flowbots, feel free to read more about the anatomy of a flowbot in Trengo.

Add a flowbot

If you like to add a flowbot to Trengo, feel free to follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Settings > Automation > Flowbots and click the ‘plus’ icon or ‘Add flowbot’;

2. Design your flowbot;

1. Steps overview: Here you’ll find an overview of all the steps you added.

2. Add step: Click this button to add a step to your flowbot.

3. Step #: The name of the selected step.

4. Copy step: With this button, you can duplicate the step.

5. Delete step: Delete your selected step.

1. Add content: Here you can add content to your step.

2. Buttons to steps: Add buttons to the selected step.

3. Actions: Click here to add actions to your flowbot step.

4. Step overview: Here you’ll find an overview of the buttons or actions you’ve added to the step.

When you’re done designing your flowbot, including content, buttons, and actions, it’s time to configure your flowbot.