Sending SMS to a group of people with Trengo

Sending an SMS to a group of people (Bulk) can be done from within the SMS center in your inbox. 

  1. Choose the channel you wish to send the SMS from.

  2. Add receivers
    There are 3 ways you can send out SMS to a group of people:
    1. Adding them via your contact list
    2. Manually adding your recipient's phone numbers in the recipient field
    3. With contact groups.

  3. Create a message
    Use tags such as [customer name] or [order number] to personalize your SMS.

  4. Verify the message
    Confirm the number of people and the number of messages that are being sent. 
    To schedule an SMS for later, select 'scheduled' under 'sending moment' and pick the date and time you wish to send out your SMS to a group of people.

Note: Bulk SMS is not standard enabled in your account. Reach out to to check out what is possible for you. 

If you're sending out SMS to European customers, we'd advise you to check if your SMS is GDPR compliant.