To use Voice within Trengo, send an SMS, or send a Whatsapp Template or broadcast, you need sufficient Trengo balance. In this article, you’ll find all the information you need on updating and keeping an overview of your Trengo balance.

Trengo balance

To find your Trengo Balance, navigate to Trengo > Settings > Company profile > Balance settings.

Your current Trengo balance

To check your current Trengo balance, you navigate to ‘Update balance’.

Add Trengo balance

If you’d like to update your balance, navigate to ‘Update balance’, and choose which amount you’d like to add. Select your payment method and click ‘Submit’ to confirm your action.

Auto recharge balance

Do you not want to worry about having enough balance to communicate with your customers? No problem! With the ‘Auto recharge balance’ function, you can have your balance automatically updated.

Enable the ‘Auto recharge balance’, and select when and how much you’d like to automatically recharge your Trengo balance. Fill in an email address on which you’d like to receive a notification email when your balance gets recharged.

Low balance alert

If you prefer to manually top up your Trengo balance, you can choose to receive a notification mail when your balance dips below a certain amount. Enable the ‘Low balance alert’, select your threshold, and fill in an email address to receive the alert.

Trengo balance invoices

You can find and download your Trengo balance invoices under ‘Balance upgrades’.

Transaction history

Below ‘Transaction history’, all your expenses regarding the Trengo balance can be found.