The use of teams in Trengo allows you to organize different users in your company to work together. You can assign conversations or channels to different teams, automate certain workflows, and better organize different users in Trengo.

You can, for example, set up teams based on departments (Team Sales), locations (Team Amsterdam), or channels (Team WhatsApp).

Create a team

To create a team in Trengo, follow the steps below.

1. In Trengo, navigate to Settings > Organization > Teams;

2. Click the ‘green plus’, or ‘Create a team’, and fill in the form;

1. Team Name: Give the team a recognizable name. It is advised to use the purpose of the team as the name.

2. Team Members: Add users to the team. These members are there to answer the incoming messages of this team, start conversations, and monitor or discuss internally with other team members.

3. Channels: Assign all channels you want the users in this team to be responsible for.

Once you’ve filled in all the values, click ‘Create team’.

You have now created a team. In this Help Center, you can read more about adding channels to your Trengo inbox, adding users to your account, and configuring user permissions.