Staff permission

At Trengo we have different types of permission options: the admin, the supervisor, the regular user, and the light user.

Account Admin

The person who sets up the account is the first person to have admin rights within Trengo. 

Account admins have full permission and perform all administrative tasks within the account. It is the account admin that adds new users to Trengo and who grants specific user permission. An admin can: 

  • Invite colleagues and put them in teams; 
  • Create new channels and adjust settings; 
  • Check the organization's conversational performance in the statistics; 
  • See, assign, and answer conversations from the teams he has access to;
  • Conversations in team chat.


Supervisors have permission to: 

  • manage all new incoming conversations.
  • assign conversations.
  • view conversation history of contacts and profiles.
  • Conversations in team chat.


The user account has the least rights and obligations in Trengo. Users only have permission to:

  • answer conversations that have been assigned to them by either a supervisor or admin.
  • conversations that have been initiated by them.
  • contacts and profiles without a conversation history.
  • Conversations in team chat.

Light user

Light users have permission to: 

  • Assign conversations to themselves or to colleagues.
    (Note that these messages can't be answered by light users).
  • Take internal notes, tag colleagues, or get tagged by colleagues.
  • View conversations, contacts, and profile information.
  • Place reminders.
  • Mark conversations as favorites.
  • Follow conversations.
  • Close conversations.
  • Conversations in team chat.