Add users to Trengo

To create a team, you need team members.

To invite a team member:

  1. Go to settings >organization >user.
  2. Click on the green plus button to add a user to Trengo.
  3. Fill out the form:

  1. Email
    Insert the email address of the user you want to invite.
  2. First name
    Fill out the user's first name.
  3. Last name
    Fill out the user's last name.
  4. Authorization
    Give the user the right permission. → learn more about Trengo user permissions.
  5. Teams
    Assign the user to the right team.
  6. Local code
    Select the right language. That's the language of the user's inbox.
  7. Organisation role
    Optional: share the user's company role.

Don't forget to save. The user will now receive an email to verify their account and set their password.

That's how you add users to Trengo. 👍🏼