Before you and your colleagues can start using Trengo and set up teams, you need to add them as users to your Trengo account.

Do make sure you’ve added the number of users you want to grant access to your Trengo account, to your Trengo subscription. You can check and configure this by going to Settings > Company profile > Subscription settings > Users.

Add users to Trengo

To add users to your Trengo account, follow the steps below.

1. In Trengo, navigate to Settings > Organization > Users;

2. Click the 'Invite user' button;

3. Fill in the user's details you would like to invite to your Trengo account;

1. Email: Insert the email address of the user you want to invite.

2. Name: Fill out the user's first and last name.

3. User role: Grant the user their correct role. You can read more about user roles in this Trengo Help Center article.

4. Teams: Assign the user to the right team(s). For more information on creating teams in Trengo, please follow this link.

5. Language: Select the language. This is the language in which the user will receive account-relevant emails (e.g. their account activation and password resets).

You’ve now successfully added a colleague to your Trengo account. They’ll receive an email in which they can accept your invitation, and start working together within your inbox.