Google Business Messages explained

Setting up a Google Business Messages (GBM) channel in your Trengo account gives your customers the opportunity to reach out to you when they are searching for your company via Google Search or Google Maps.

They can easily and quickly contact you through a button directly in their search results and/or Google Maps. After your customers contact you there, the messages will show up in your Trengo inbox, where you can answer them. 

General information

Google Business Messages is a mobile-only solution. This means that customers are only able to use this channel to reach your organisation via their mobile phones.

Where your customers can exactly find you, depends on the type of location(s) you have set up in the channel.

🔘 Non-physical location: The chat button shows up when a person searches for you on Google, without the need for a physical location. 

🔘 Physical location: The chat button shows up when a person searches for you on Google or Google maps. Your company needs to one or more physical locations.


There are several requirements for setting up your GBM channel in Trengo.

🔘 You can add this channel with all available Trengo plans.

🔘 You will need a Google Business account for your business, and you will need to have verified the associating locations with your business in Google.

🔘 Any direct messaging options in your Google Business account have to be disabled, before adding this channel to Trengo.

🔘 You can not edit any details after you have verified the agent.

Setting up Google Business Messages

To start adding Google Business Messages to your Trengo inbox, you will need to follow a few steps. We have split up the process into three steps that you can follow:

🔘 Setting up your GBM agent and brand

🔘 Setting up your GBM locations

🔘 Verifying your GBM agent

Keep in mind that all steps must be finished for your channel to be live.