Google Business Messages

By adding Google Business Messages to your Trengo inbox, you give customers the opportunity to reach out to you while they are searching for you on their mobile browser or in Google Maps for example:

To add this channel to Trengo you navigate to Settings —> Google Business Messages and click on the + to add the channel.

Next, follow the steps below to add the channel.

Step 1 - Claim your Brand and Agent on Google

First, you need to prove that you own your Brand which you have by filling out the form as shown above: 

  1. Brand name The name of your Brand. As this is verified by email, we would recommend you to keep the brand name similar to your domain.
  2. Brand logo The logo will be shown when a customer sends you a message. Make sure to check the logo to see if it works via both a white and a black background.
  3. Brand website URL: The link to your website, starting with https://
  4. Brand contact name The name of the contact person for Google. Note: this name will not be visible in the final channel.
  5. Brand contact email This email address will be used to verify your Brand and Agent name.
  6. Agent's display name For the Display name, we recommend you to choose a name that corresponds with your brand instead of a coworker's personal name. Because this name will be shown when answering messages. Using a personal name might cause confusion here.
  7. Agent's Languages Lastly, fill out the languages in which you want to provide support to your customers. For each language, you will need to provide a Welcome message and a link to the corresponding Privacy policy for that language.

After the form has been filled out, you can click on "Create channel" to submit the data.

Now you can immediately test your Google Business Messages system by scanning the QR code within the channel's settings.

💡Note: you can only test this on an iOS or Android device that has Google Maps installed.

💡Note: If you wish to have multiple brands on Google Business Messages, we advise you to create a separate channel per Brand.

Step 2 - Conversation entry points

Choose where users can start conversations with your organization, or your agent.

You can choose to enable Nonlocal conversations this enables users to start a conversation by just finding the contact information of your brand. With the corresponding options, you fill out the form. Here you can check which Entry points your customers can use to chat with you. 

And you can choose to enable Conversations through physical locations enabling users to start a conversation when they find locations (which you can add, verify and manage after creating the channel) through Google Search and Google Maps. In step 5 we will explain to you how to manage your locations. 

More information on these entry points can be found here

Make sure you choose the right entry points for you, as you can no longer enable or disable these after agent verification

Step 3 - Agent testing and verification

Once you have submitted the field, the following options will appear:

Now it's time to get the chosen Agent verified for Google Business Messages.

To do this, click on the button to request verifying the Agent.

Google will send two separate emails where they are asking for permission to send messages.

  1. One email containing instructions and validating the submitted information.

  2. Another email with a verification code.

In order to verify the Agent, the contact person who filled out the form, needs to reply to the first email with the following information:

  1. A statement in which he allows Trengo to send Business messages. Similar to the sentence below: I, [name and title], grant Trengo the right to send Business Messages using the information specified in this email.
  2. The verification code from the other mail.

Next, Google will verify this email and mark the agent as verified.

Step 4 - Agent launch

After the Agent has been verified, it is time to launch the agent and make sure the Google Business channel can go live!  After pressing the launch button, the agent is available to users within a few hours.

Step 5 - Location verification (local entry points only)

Now click on "Verify location" to verify this location belongs to your Brandname. Google will review your request and once this is approved, you can go to step 6!

Learn how to verify/add your locations in this article

Step 6 - Launch

Finally, when everything is approved and verified, it is time to launch your locations and your Agents!

  1. Launch your locations. This can be done within Location management by clicking on "Launch location".
  2. Once your Locations have been launched, you can launch your agent (again), by clicking on "Launch agent"

This process will take a couple of hours at max, but once everything is verified and launched, you are ready to start answering Google Business Messages