Adding Facebook to your Trengo inbox will allow you to manage all incoming Facebook conversations, mentions, and comments directly in Trengo.

ℹ️ Do note you need to be an admin of that Facebook page you’d like to add.

Add Facebook to Trengo

Follow the steps below to connect your Facebook page to your Trengo inbox.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Facebook and click ‘Connect Facebook;

2. You will be redirected to the Facebook login page. Log in with the Facebook account you have administrator rights to the Facebook page;

3. Select the Facebook page you like to connect to Trengo, and click ‘Next’;

4. Enable all permissions and click ‘Done’;

5. Click ‘OK’;

6. Configure and create your Facebook channel;

1. Internal name: The name of your Facebook channel.

2. Teams: Choose the teams that have access to the channel.

ℹ️ If you want different teams to handle the different types of messages, you can create two separate Facebook channels: one for Private Messages and one for Facebook comments.

3. Connected account: Here you can find the user who connected the Facebook page.

4. Facebook page: Select the Facebook page you connected.

5. Create channel: Click this button when you’re done configuring the channel.

Now you’ve created your channel, you can go ahead and configure the Facebook channel further.

8. Configure your Facebook channel and scroll down to enable or disable different features;

1. Facebook page: The Facebook page connected to this channel.

2. Connection: In case you change your Facebook password, you can reconnect your Facebook page here. This is also recommendable, in case you experience issues with your Facebook channel.

3. Private messages: Enable or disable the option to receive Facebook’s private messages in Trengo.

4. Feed messages: Enable or disable the option to receive comments on your Facebook posts in Trengo.

Do not forget to click ‘Update channel’, and you’ve now connected your Facebook page! It is also possible to connect your Instagram Business account to your Trengo inbox.