Adding Instagram to your Trengo inbox

Adding Instagram to your Trengo inbox will allow you to manage all Instagram posts comments directly in Trengo.

💡To connect Facebook to your Trengo inbox you need a Business Instagram Account that is linked to your Facebook page. You need to be an admin of that Facebook page.

To add Instagram:

  1. Go to settings > channels > Instagram.
  2. Click on the green + sign to add Instagram to your Trengo inbox.

    This action will prompt you directly to Facebook. Make sure you're logging in with a Facebook account that has administrator rights.

  3. Next, agree with Trengo administering the account.

    You'll be redirected to Trengo's Facebook settings page. Here you'll be able to see:
    1. Who connected the Facebook account.
    2. Which Instagram Business Profile was connected to your Trengo account.

  4. Fill out the form.

    1. Internal name
      Give your new Instagram channel an internal name.
    2. Team
      Assign the team(s) that will be responsible for all incoming Instagram messages.

  5. Last, click on 'Create channel'.

Congratulations, you have successfully connected Instagram to Trengo. 

To receive Instagram comments and mentions in your Trengo inbox, make sure you have 'Comments' and 'Mentions' ticked off in your settings.

💡 New: Instagram now also gives you the ability to answer Instagram DM's from your Trengo inbox. Here you'll learn how to set this up!