Starting a WhatsApp conversation

Great, with WhatsApp Business it is possible to take the initiative yourself and start a conversation with the customer. Note, it is a requirement that the customer has given permission for this via an opt-in and in addition, not everything can be sent to the customer: as an organization it is only possible to send templates approved by WhatsApp.

Start a WhatsApp conversation

Start a conversation with WhatsApp? Click on the plus icon above the conversation overview, just like when starting an e-mail conversation. Select the WhatsApp channel that will be used to send the message as the sender channel.

Click on "Template message" to be able to send a template.

Enter the recipient's number next to "To" in international format (316 instead of 06) and select the correct template.

Enter the personal information (such as a name, topic or date) within the variables (shown as {{1}}) and click Send to send the message to the customer.