To initiate a conversation with a customer via the WhatsApp Business API, you can send a WhatsApp template.

Start a WhatsApp conversation

Once you’ve created your WhatsApp template(s), it’s time to approach the customer. Make sure this customer has opted in to be approached by your company and keep WhatsApp’s policies in mind.

1. Navigate to Inbox > Start a conversation;

2. Set up your preferences and send out the WhatsApp template;

1. From / To: Select the WhatsApp Channel you’d like to send your WhatsApp template from, and find your contact in the contact list, or type their phone number.

2. Default message / Template message: The only option to initiate a conversation with a customer via WhatsApp, is by using a WhatsApp template. Therefore, select ‘Template message’.

3. Template: Select your desired WhatsApp template.

4. Variables: If you selected a WhatsApp template containing variables, fill in the text for each variable.

5. Send: Click this button to send your WhatsApp template.

You’ll be guided to the ticket that was created for this conversation. Once the customer answers your WhatsApp template, you are able to freely conversate. Always keep WhatsApp’s 24-hour limitation in mind, while conversating with customers via WhatsApp.

ℹ️ Be aware that additional costs are associated with the use of WhatsApp Templates. For an accurate and up-to-date overview, please see WhatsApp’s conversation-based pricing.