Adding live chat to your Trengo inbox

By adding live chat to your Trengo inbox and installing it on your website, you'll be able to manage all incoming messages from your site visitors directly in your Trengo inbox. 

To set up a live chat you need an admin account. 

  1. Go to your navigation panel >settings >channel >live chat.
  2. Click on the green + sign to add live chat to your inbox.
  3. Next, give your live chat an internal name, assign the team that'll be responsible for any incoming live chat conversations and click on 'Create channel'.

  4. Now you can fill out the form:
    1. Color
      Use the color picker or insert the color code to set the color of you live chat conversations.
    2. Notification
      Select the notification sound for incoming conversations from your live chat channel.
    3. Business Hours
      Define the availability of your live chat by setting the right business hours.
    4. Notification email
      Insert your email address here if you want to be notified when about incoming live chat messages.
    5. Access
      Double check if you have the right team(s) assigned to your live chat channel.

  5. Next, navigate to your website widget and select 'Website chat' and enable it. (Navigation panel >settings >settings >website widgets)
    If you don't have a website widget set up, you'll need to add a website widget first.

  6. Fill out the form:

    1. Enable
      Make sure your Live Chat is enabled.
    2. Channel
      Select the right Live Chat channel.
    3. Show always as available.
      Sets your live chat's availability to 24/7. Your visitors will be asked to leave their email address and you'll be able to respond via email.
    4. Pre-chat form
      Allows you to gather visitor information in advance. Learn more about this option.
    5. Auto close chats
      Enable this option if you want your live chat to close automatically if your team is too busy to pick up new conversations.
    6. Show online status 
      Keep this option enabled to let your visitors know you're available to chat.
    7. Offline business hours
      Enable this option to assign the right business hours to your live chat.
    8. Email offline chat
      If Show always as available is not enabled, the chat will become a contact form outside business hours. Fill in the email address where you would like to receive these forms here. 
    9. Screen sharing via Surfly
      Insert your Surfly widget key here if you want to enable screen sharing support with your live chat. Learn more about Screen sharing with Surfly.
    10. Update widget
      Make sure to save your progress.  

Congratulation 🎉 You've successfully added Live Chat to your Trengo inbox.