By adding live chat to your Trengo account and adding it to your website widget, you'll be able to manage all incoming messages from your site visitors directly in your Trengo inbox.

Add live chat to your Trengo inbox

Follow the steps below to create a live chat channel.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Website chat, and click the ‘plus’ icon;

2. Set up your live chat;

1. Internal name: Give your live chat a recognizable name.

2. Color: Optionally, give your live chat a color, which is for internal use only.

3. Notification: Choose a notification sound for this channel, or turn the notifications off.

4. Business hours: Choose the business hours in which you’re team is available to answer conversations started through this channel.

5. Notification email: Optionally, add an email address to which an email is sent when a new conversation is started.

After clicking ‘Create channel’, you’ve now added a live chat channel to your Trengo account.

Add the live chat channel to your website widget

Now it’s time to add the live chat channel to your website widget. Continue following the steps below to do so.

1. Navigate to Settings > Settings > Web widgets. Select your website widget;

ℹ️ If you do not yet have a website widget set up yet, first add a website widget to your Trengo inbox and add the website widget to your website;

2. Select ‘Live chat’;

3. Click the ‘Enabled’ toggle and set up your live chat in your website widget;

1. Enabled: Click this toggle to enable or disable your live chat.

2. Channel: Select the live chat channel you’d like to use here.

3. Show always as available: If enabled, your live chat will always be available and accessible to your customers. After initiating a chat, the customer will be asked for their email address. When there are users online to handle the chat, it will continue as normal. If no users are online, the customer will be asked to leave a message, which you can follow up on via email.

1. Pre-chat form: Enable this option and optionally set up the custom fields you’d like your customers to fill in before they start a chat with you. In this way, customers fill in their own contact/profile/ticket field(s) and you have all information you need to help the customer efficiently and successfully.

2. Auto close chats: When enabled, chats will be automatically closed after the number of seconds you’ve set here.

1. Show online status: Show your customers you’re users are available to chat. You can change the text shown by navigating to your website widget > Translations and changing ‘How can we help you?’.

2. Offline outside business hours: Enable this option to close your chat outside your business hours.

3. Email offline chat: Enter an email address to which the customers’ messages are sent when the feature above is enabled.

After clicking ‘Update widget’, your live chat is online. Add your website widget to your website if you have not done that already, make sure your users are set to ‘available for chat’, and your customers can now reach out to you.