Creating a Google Cloud Key

When setting up your chatbot, you’ll be asked for a Google Cloud Key. In this article, you find a step-by-step guide to creating this key.

Create a Google Cloud Key

Follow the steps below, to learn how to create a Google Cloud Key.

1. Navigate to Dialogflow and log in with your Google Account. Allow Dialogflow to access your Google Account and accept their terms & conditions;

2. Click ‘Create agent’ in the left upper corner;

3. Name your agent, choose a language, set your default timezone, and click ‘create’;

4. Click the ‘plus’ icon in the left sidebar;

5. Click the ‘General’ tab and ‘Enable beta features and APIs’;

6. Click your Project ID on the same page;

7. Read and accept the agreement;

8. Click the ‘hamburger’ icon in the left upper corner, head to ‘IAM and admin’, and select ‘Service accounts’;

9. Select ‘Create service account’;

10. Fill out a ‘Service account name’ and your ‘Service account ID’ will be generated automatically, click ‘Create and continue’;

11. Create two roles: ‘Dialogflow API Admin’ and ‘Dialogflow API Client’,and click ‘Continue’;

12. Skip step 3 and click ‘Done’;

13. Your service account will be shown. Click the three dots at the right of your service account, and select ‘Manage keys’;

14. Click ‘Add key’ and select ‘Create new key’;

15. Select ‘JSON’ and click ‘Create’. Your Google Cloud Key will now be saved to your computer;

16. Double check if the API is enabled, by clicking the ‘hamburger’ icon in the left upper corner, navigating to ‘APIs and services’, and selecting ‘Enabled APIs and services’;

17. Find ‘Dialogflow’ in the list, and click the box;

18. If it says ‘API Enabled’, you’re good to go! If it does not, please follow the steps in this article again.

You’ve now successfully created and downloaded your Google Cloud Key, which you can use to set up your chatbot in Trengo.