Tracking widget events in Google Analytics

It's possible to track events within the website widget with Google analytics.

Activating the Google Analytics integration

In order to activate the measuring of events in your website widget, make sure you have installed your Google Analytics Tracking (UA-[number]) code on your website. Check out this article by Google to learn how to do this.

💡Note: you need the Universal Analytics Tracking code in order for this to work. Widget event tracking will not work with Google Analytics 4.

When you have ensured the tracking code is installed, take the following steps within Trengo:

  1. Navigate to Settings >Website widget
  2. Click on the widget you want to edit
  3. Enable the feature as shown below.
  4. Don't forget to click 'Save'.
  5. Done 🎉

What will be tracked and where?

The results in Google Analytics can be found under Behavior > Events under the name "Trengo widget".

Google Analytics currently tracks the following events in your website widget:

  • When the widget is opened;
  • When a chat has been started;
  • When a visitor sends a chat reply;
  • When a visitor fills in their email address in the "Show always as available feature";
  • When a chat has been closed by the agent;
  • When a customer opens another channel in the widget;
  • When the widget is closed;
  • If the chat is online.