Workload balancing will help you equally and automatically distribute the workload among the members of your team, based on what every member of the team can handle. Once enabled, workload balancing will automatically assign conversations to members of the team.

How Trengo’s workload balancing calculates to whom a certain conversation needs to be assigned, can be found in this Trengo Help Center article.

Benefits of workload balancing

More efficient processing of conversations
As conversations will be assigned to users automatically, they don’t have to go to the “New” folder and find conversations for themselves. This way customers can be helped quickly and more efficiently.

No more cherry-picking
As conversations are distributed automatically, it ensures that every customer gets helped and everybody has their fair share of challenging questions.

Not more than one’s appetite
Workload balancing offers the ability to set individual conversation limits. Workload balancing will not assign more conversations than the set limit for each user. This assures someone is not assigned more conversations than they can handle, and customers won’t have to wait for their answer.

ℹ️ Be aware that with manual assignments or rules the limit can still be exceeded. More about this can be found in this Trengo Help Center article.

How to enable workload balancing

To enable workload balancing, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Settings > Organization > Teams and click on the team you want to enable workload balancing for;

2. Click on ‘Setup’ within ‘Workload balancing’;

3. Choose if you want workload balancing to work on all conversations or only on new conversations;

ℹ️ When including all conversations in workload balancing, Trengo will take a short amount of time to distribute all conversations that are currently in ‘New’ for this team. If the workload balancing limit has been reached for all users, other conversations will be placed in a queue.

4. Set a limit for the users within the team;

ℹ️ The limit can be any number between 0 and 99. To exclude a member from workload balancing you can set their limit to 0.

5. Click ‘Activate’ to activate workload balancing.

Adjust workload balancing limits

It is always possible to adjust the limits of your agents after workload balancing has been enabled.

To do so, navigate to the team's page (Settings > Teams > Choose the team) and adjust the limits of the employees.  When done, make sure to save your changes by clicking ‘Save changes’. In case you disable workload balancing for the whole team, the individual limits that were set will be removed.

Remember you can set a limit between 0 and 99, and by setting a limit of 0, an agent will be excluded from workload balancing.

Workload balancing and pricing

Workload balancing is available in the Enterprise plan of Trengo.