In this article, we’ll explain how to send a broadcast message. See this Trengo Help Center article to learn more about Trengo's broadcasting feature.

Send a broadcast message

To send a broadcast message using Trengo via WhatsApp or SMS, please follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Trengo > Broadcasting > New Broadcast;

2. Set up your broadcast;

1. Broadcast name: Add a recognizable name for your broadcast. If left empty, Trengo will fill the name with the type of Broadcast and its date automatically.

2. Sender: Select from which channel you’d like to send this broadcast.

3. Message: What kind of message you can send, depends on which channel you choose.

🔘 If you’ve selected a WhatsApp channel to send your broadcast from, you are asked to choose one of your WhatsApp Templates. If your template contains one or more variables, as seen in the example below, you can manually enter text, or use tags like ‘[contact-name]’ to personalize the message.

🔘 In case you’ve selected an SMS channel, you can freely type your message, or select a quick reply. You can also add tags like ‘[contact-name]’ to personalize the message.

4. Schedule send date: Choose if you’d like to send the broadcast instantly or schedule it for a later time and/or date.

5. Recipients: Add the recipients of your broadcast. You can choose to select individual contacts, select a contact group, or enter their phone number(s) manually.

6. Total cost: Here you’ll find an estimated cost of the broadcast you’re about to send or schedule.

7. Send: If your broadcast is all set up, you can click this button to send or schedule your broadcast.

ℹ️ Do keep the limitations for WhatsApp Broadcasting or limitations for SMS broadcasting in mind, before sending out your broadcast.

Once your broadcast is sent, you’ll be directed to the broadcast overview.