Customers have the option to ask companies their questions via Instagram by sending a Direct Message. To make sure you don't miss out on these messages, you can now receive Instagram DM's in Trengo.

Receive Instagram DMs and Story Replies

If you’d like to receive Instagram DMs and Story Replies in Trengo, follow the steps below.

1. Connect your Instagram page to Trengo;

2. Open the Instagram app on your mobile device and click the ‘hamburger’ icon;

3. Navigate to ‘Settings and Privacy' ;

4. Select ‘Messages and story replies’;

5. Click 'Message Control';

6. Enable ‘Allow access to messages’;

7. Back in Trengo, navigate to your Instagram channel, enable ‘Direct messages’ and click ‘Update channel’.

You will now receive your DMs and Story Replies in Trengo! Did you know you can also connect your Facebook page to Trengo?