When creating a flowbot, you’ll find many different options to adjust your flowbot to your liking. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips and tricks to optimize your flowbot's performance, so your customers will always have a great experience using it.

Optimize your flowbot

Below you find some useful tips which you can use when creating or updating your flowbot.

Expectation management

Customers like to know what they can expect. We advise to let the customer know they are speaking with a flowbot, and not an actual agent. You can also directly tell the customer what the flowbot can do for them. This sentence can be added as the ‘Web chat start message’ when configuring your flowbot.

Transfer keywords

In case your customer can’t find the desired answer or solution they are looking for when communicating with your flowbot, they can get themselves transferred to one of your agents by typing a word you have chosen beforehand. This can always come in handy in case a customer can’t find the answer they are looking for in your flowbot.

“Take me back”

You can choose to give a customer the option to go back to the beginning of the conversation with your flowbot, by implementing extra steps. By having this option, you allow the customer to go back to the start and explore a different part of the flowbot. This option also can be particularly useful at the end of a flowbot.

The use of labels

By adding labels to your conversations with the steps a customer takes, you can learn more about these conversations. You can, for example, find out to which team the customer wants to talk, which flow the customer followed, and if the self-service was sufficient. This information can be very helpful for you and the team, when a conversation is assigned or when you are checking your reports.

Evaluate your flowbot

We recommend evaluating your flowbot’s performance after it’s been active for two weeks to a month. Check on how your customers use your flowbot, if the most requested questions are easy to find, and if your customers can find their way to your agents in case they want to. Then optionally configure your flowbot to make it an even better customer experience.