After creating your own help centre and adding content to it, it’s possible to make sure a visitor sees your articles in their own language. Do note the articles have to be translated manually. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a multilingual help centre.

ℹ️ The language shown to a visitor is based on their choice in the left bottom corner of your help centre.

Adding multiple languages

Follow the instructions below to create a multilingual help centre with Trengo.

1. Navigate to Help Center and select your help centre;

2. Select ‘Settings’;

3. Add the language(s) to your help centre;

4. Click ‘Save changes’;

5. Navigate to ‘Articles’ and click the article you’d like to translate;

6. Click the ‘language’ box and select the article that needs to be translated;

7. Translate your article, optionally publish it, and click ‘Save’.

Repeat this process from ‘step 5’ for all other articles you’d like to translate.