By adding a Voice channel to your Trengo inbox, you’ll be able to make outbound calls, pick up inbound calls, and much more! Transfer a call to one of your colleagues or another team, record voice calls, and an IVR. In this article, we’ll show you how to add a Voice channel to Trengo.

Add Voice to your Trengo inbox

Please follow the steps below to add a Voice channel to your Trengo account.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Voice and click the ‘plus’ icon or ‘Connect Voice’;

2. Choose how you want to connect your account or device to Trengo and continue the setup.

🔘 Phone calls via Twilio: Click ‘I have a Twilio account’ to connect your Twilio account to Trengo via a Voice channel. In case you do not have an account with Twilio yet, feel free to create a Twilio account.

🔘 Phone calls via SIP devices ( If you’d like to register calls from SIP devices in your inbox using your Voys account, click ‘’ and continue setting up your Voice channel in Trengo using Voys.

🔘 Phone calls via SIP devices (Custom VoIP): Select the ‘Custom VoIP’ button to register voice calls from your own SIP device and set up your Voice channel using your custom VoIP.


Other than Twilio, Trengo does not have a full integration with the providers, Trengo would still be able to make a connection to  log the conversation, however, the conversation will still take place on their platform.

With Twilio, we have a full integration that allows you to pick up calls, do IVR, recording and many more.