Set your live chat's availability

Set offline hours for your live chat

To set the availability for your live chat you'll need to set up business hours first. Then:

  1. Go to your live chat settings (navigation panel >settings >channels >live chat) and assign the right business hours to your live chat.

  2.  Next, go to your website widget settings (navigation panel >settings >settings >website widget) and enable the 'Offline outside business hours' option. Don't forget to update your widget.

    This feature will make sure the chat will be set to "not available" outside your business hours, even if your employees are still 'online'.

💡 Tip: Your visitors will still be able to send you messages. 

Set your live chat availability to 24/7

To have your live chat available even outside your business hours and on weekends: 

  1. Go to your navigation panel >settings >settings >website widget and select the right widget.

  2. Next, enable the 'Show always as available' option, and don't forget to update your widget.

Awesome. Your live chat will be available 24/7.

From now on, your visitors will be asked to enter their email address. Once you're available again, you'll be able to respond directly from your Trengo inbox. Your response will automatically convert into an email. 

💡 Tip: Set up Greetings to initiate a conversation with your site visitors.