After adding a website widget to your Trengo inbox, adding channels to it, and adding the website widget to your website, you’re able to automate it in different ways. In this article, we’ll show you the different types of widget automation you can set up.

Widget automations

There are three types of ways to automate your website widget.

Greet the website visitor

With a greeting for your live chat, you can not only greet your website visitors. You can also trigger personalized greetings, depending on the type of visitors, or reward returning visitors with discount codes.

Trigger a flowbot

To immediately engage with your customers when they open your website widget, you can connect a flowbot to your widget, using widget automation.

Open article from Help Center

By adding help center automation to your website widget, you can trigger specific help center articles to open up in your website widget. This can be done for specific target groups or website pages.