After adding a website widget to your Trengo inbox, adding channels to it, and adding the website widget to your website, you’re able to automatically trigger a flowbot in it. In this article, we’ll show you how to set this up.

Trigger a flowbot in your widget

Follow the steps below to automatically trigger a flowbot in your widget.

1. Navigate to Settings > Automation > Widget automation;

2. Select ‘Add automation’ and click ‘Trigger a flowbot’;

3. Set up your flowbot automation;

1. Enter a title: Add the title of your widget automation here.

2. Select flowbot: Choose which flowbot you’d like to activate on your website widget.

3. Select step: Select on which step the flowbot should start.

After setting up your flowbot automation, continue by clicking ‘Ready? Choose audience’.

Choose the target audience you’d like to show your flowbot to. You can choose to show the flowbot to all customers, or choose a specific audience using different conditions.

After choosing your target audience, click ‘Ready? Set page targeting’ to continue setting up your page targeting.

Select which pages you’d like to activate the flowbot on. If you’d like to activate it on specific pages, you can add the website URLs here.

After choosing your page targeting, click ‘Ready? Go to next step’ to publish your widget automation.

1. Start date: Choose when you’d like the flowbot to be active on your website widget.

2. End date: Select if there is an end date for your active flowbot.

3. Select widget: Choose the website widget on which the flowbot will be active.

4. Active: Toggle this button to activate the flowbot automation for your website widget.

Click ‘Save’ to publish your flowbot automation for the website widget.