After adding a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey to your Trengo account, it’s time to set up a rule to send out the CSAT survey on your conditions.

Triggering a CSAT survey

Follow the steps below to add a rule that will be responsible for sending out your customer satisfaction survey. In case you aren’t there yet, navigate to Settings > Automation > Customer Satisfaction and select your CSAT survey.

1. Click ‘Add new rule set’;

2. You’ll be redirected to the Rules page. Here you’ll set up your rule, which will send out the CSAT survey;

1. Name: Give your rule a suitable name.

2. Active: When disabled, the rule is not active and the survey will not be sent out.

3. Channels: Select the channels on which you’d like to send out your survey.

4. When: Set this to ‘Conversation is closed’, so the survey will be sent out after a conversation is resolved.

5. Sort order: The order in which your rules will be triggered. You do not have to fill in a value in this case.

1. Conditions: Set your condition(s). By setting ‘Elapsed time is’, you’ll be sure your CSAT survey will not be sent directly after closing the conversation.

2. Actions: Set the action ‘Trigger CSAT’ and select your CSAT survey.

After clicking ‘Add rule to CSAT’, you’re CSAT survey will be sent out when a conversation matches the condition(s) you’ve set up. We’ve also written down some more elaborate examples of rules you can use to send out your CSAT survey.