CSAT Rule examples and templates

Trigger Customer Satisfaction Survey after X amount of time

To send your Customer Satisfaction Survey only if the conversation has been closed, set up the following Rule:

This way, you're making sure that your survey is only sent if the conversation is still closed after 3 days and will exclude customers that have responded in the meanwhile. 


Exclude certain customers from receiving a survey

To exclude specific customers from receiving your Customer Satisfaction Survey set up the following Rule:

You can add as many customers to your Rule as you want by clicking on 'AND'. They will now be excluded from receiving your Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Exclude certain conversations from receiving a survey

To exclude a single conversation from receiving your Customer Satisfaction Survey, because you've been messaging back and forth with the same customer and you'd want to avoid sending a survey for each conversation, you'll need to set up a Label (e.g, Don't trigger survey) first and then the following Rule: 

This rule will exclude all conversations that have been assigned a Label - Don't trigger survey.

Manually select customers to receive a survey

If you want to specifically target customers to ask for a rating, you'll need to set up a Label, e.g., Ask for rating, and then set up the following Rule:

This rule will only target conversations that have been assigned a Label, in this case, 'Ask for rating' - Label.

Customer Satisfaction Survey per country and language

There are five 5 ways to send your Customer Satisfaction Survey in different languages. To trigger the right survey to the right customers you'll need to:

  • Create surveys in different languages 
  • Create separate rules per survey language 

Option 1: Trigger survey based on an email address

If your team has country dedicated email addresses set up such as:


You could simply create a Customer Satisfaction Survey per email channel. Your rule would then look like this:  

Option 2: Trigger survey based on customer's email address 

You can target your customers based on the country code in their email addresses, such as: 


In this case, you'd set up the following rule:

Option 3: Trigger survey based on contextual conditions  

You can set up a Rule based on certain words or phrases that are very common in a specific language to trigger your survey in the right language. Such as:

Most common German words: ich, wie, seine, dass etc.
Most common English words: the, be, to, of etc.
Most common French words: comme, je, son, que etc. 

A contextual rule could look like this: 

Option 4: Trigger survey using Custom Contact Fields   

You can create custom contact fields, where team members would fill in each customer's country code manually, or you could automate that process using our API with the help of a developer. 

After you've created your Custom Contact Field, your Rule could look like this: 


Option 5: Trigger survey using Labels 

You can assign Labels to your conversations to sort them by country or language. Note that this is a manual process, meaning that your team members need to manually assign country Labels to each conversation in the inbox. 

Your Rule could then look like this:

To ensure that everyone you'd like to target with your Customer Satisfaction Survey also receives it, set up a fallback Rule to include customers that didn't meet all conditions. 

Example: You have a rule set up based on your customer's email code. Every customer, who has an email address ending with .de will receive your survey in Germany. To make sure that customers from Germany whose email addresses don't end with .de will still receive your survey, set up a fallback Rule. This way they will at least receive it in English.