After adding a customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey to your Trengo account, you’re asked to set up a rule to send out the CSAT survey on your conditions. In this article, you’ll find some examples of how you can set up this rule to include or exclude certain customers and situations.

Time-sensitive rule

To make sure a CSAT survey is sent when a ticket has been closed for a certain amount of time, and is still closed, set up your rule as seen below.

ℹ️ You can adjust the number of days to your liking. However, we recommend aiming for 3 to 5 days, as if you wait for longer, your customers might have forgotten about your interaction.

ℹ️ If you want to adjust only one CSAT to be sent once the conversation is closed, you can also do it by using Label as per below:

Rule name: Send CSAT

When: Conversation is closed.

Conditions. Label, Not contains, CSAT sent

Actions: Send CSAT Attach label, CSAT sent

Excluding customers

You’re able to exclude certain customers from receiving the CSAT survey, by setting up the rule as follows.

ℹ️ You can add as many customers to your Rule as you want by clicking on 'AND'.

Including conversations

To only send out your CSAT survey to specific customers, you’ll first need to create a label. When you want to send out the CSAT survey, you add that label to the conversation. In combination with the rule below, the CSAT survey will be sent out.

Excluding conversations

If you’d like to exclude a single conversation from receiving your CSAT survey, you’ll first need to create a label. When a conversation has that label and the rule below is active, the customer will not receive a CSAT survey.

ℹ️ With this rule, you can avoid sending out multiple CSAT surveys when you have an ongoing conversation that gets closed multiple times.

Including countries and languages

There are five ways to send a CSAT survey in a specific language to customers who speak that language. To trigger the correct survey for the right customers you'll need to create surveys in different languages and create separate rules per survey language.

Triggering based on email channel

You're able to create a CSAT survey per email channel, in case you have multiple email channels for different languages spoken.

Triggering based on email address

You can target your customers based on the country code in their email addresses, by setting up your rule as seen below.

Triggering based on contextual conditions

You can set up a rule based on specific words or phrases that are very common in a language to trigger the correct CSAT survey.

Triggering based on contact fields

You are able to create custom contact fields, where your team members would fill in each customer's country code manually. A rule as seen below would trigger when the correct custom contact field is filled in.

Triggering based on labels

You can also make use of labels, for which in this case you create country-specific labels. When a conversation has one of these labels and the rule below is active, the customer will receive the correct CSAT survey.

You can read more about setting up rules in this Trengo help center article.