After setting up your flowbot in Trengo, you are able to test it. In this article, you find everything you need to know about testing your flowbot.

Testing a flowbot

Follow the steps below, to test your flowbot in Trengo.

1. Navigate to Settings > Automation > Flowbots, and select the flowbot you’d like to test;

2. Make sure no channels are selected for the Flowbot, by going to Configure your flowbot > Channels. If you still have channels selected, the flowbot will be published on these channels, with the next step;

3. Navigate to the ‘Save and publication’ tab and publish your flowbot, by clicking the toggle and then ‘Save’;

4. Click the ‘Playground’ button on the top of the screen;

5. A window will pop up, in which you can test your flowbot. Type and send a message, and your flowbot will be activated.

If all works as intended, it's time to publish your flowbot.