After integrating your Gmail, Gsuite, or Outlook inbox with Trengo, or creating a forwarding channel, you’ll be asked to set up your email channel. In this article, we’ll explain to you how to do this.

Set up your email channel

Below, you’ll find how to set up your email channel after creating it.

Channel name

Give your channel a recognizable name. This name will not be visible to your customers.

Choose your team or user

Choose which team or user will have access to this inbox. When you choose to assign the inbox to a user, this email channel will be a private inbox for this user only.

ℹ️ Do note it’s not possible to later change a private email channel into a team email channel or vice versa.

Email sender name

This will be the name that is visible in your customer's inbox after you or your teammates have sent them an email using this channel.

You can choose to have your company or brand name here, or give it a personal touch by using [agent.first_name] and/or [agent.last_name]. These customizable parts will automatically be replaced by the name of the agent handling the conversation.

Now you’ve set it up, it’s time to configure your email channel.