After adding live chat to your website widget, you can have your website customers route themselves to the team they like to talk to. In this article, we’ll show you how to set this up.

Route customers to the correct teams

Follow the steps below to create a routing setup for your live chat channel, which asks your customers to select a team before a chat is started.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Web widgets;

2. Select your website widget and click 'Live chat';

3. Enable ‘Pre-chat form’, click ‘Add field’, and select ‘Department Selector’;

4. Add your opening sentence, and decide if an answer to this question is required. Click ‘Add option’;

5. Fill in the answers your customer can choose and to which team they will be routed when choosing one of the answers.

After clicking ‘Update widget’, your customers will now be asked to which team they want to be routed, before starting a chat.