After sending your broadcast via WhatsApp or SMS, you can monitor your sent broadcasts, or edit your scheduled broadcast. You find your broadcast overview by clicking the ‘Broadcast’ icon in Trengo’s left sidebar.

Monitor your broadcasts

Below you can find everything you need to know about your broadcast overview in Trengo.

1. Balance: Here you’ll find your current Trengo Balance. Clicking the button will direct you to your ‘Balance settings’ in Trengo.

2. New Broadcast: Clicking this button will let you set up and send a broadcast message.

3. Broadcast name: The name you gave your broadcast.

4. Message: A preview of the message you’ve sent or scheduled with your broadcast.

5. Status: The current status of your broadcast. This could be one of the following statuses.

🔘 Sending: Your broadcast is being sent. When sending a broadcast, not all messages will be delivered at once, so as to not overload your Trengo account.

🔘 Sent: Your broadcast was sent successfully.

🔘 Failed: Trengo failed to send your broadcast. Make sure to double-check your Trengo balance, your broadcast, and your recipients.

🔘 Scheduled: Your broadcast is scheduled to be sent.

6. Sender: The channel from which your broadcast was sent or is scheduled.

7. Date: The date on which your broadcast was sent or is scheduled.

8. Recipients: The number of recipients of your sent or scheduled broadcast.

9. Cost: The estimated cost of your broadcast.

View a sent broadcast

You are always able to view your sent broadcast, by navigating to your broadcast overview, clicking the three dots on the right of your sent broadcast, and clicking ‘View’.

Edit a scheduled broadcast

Once you’ve scheduled a broadcast, you still have the ability to edit your broadcast, until the moment it gets sent. You can do this by navigating to your broadcast overview, clicking the three dots right of your scheduled broadcast, and clicking ‘Edit’. You can also view or delete your scheduled broadcast by clicking the corresponding buttons.