After adding a Voice channel to your Trengo inbox, you are able to manage and create voice greetings. In this article, we’ll show you how to do this.

Manage your voice greetings

Follow the steps below to configure the voice greetings in your voice channel.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Voice and select your voice channel;

2. Scroll down to ‘VoIP settings’ and configure your voice greetings. Click ‘here’ to create or add your custom greetings;

1. Welcome greeting: This greeting will be played as soon as a caller is connected to your number. Therefore it is not possible to disable this greeting and will be played on every incoming call.

2. No available agents greeting: This greeting is heard when none of your users are available for voice calls, if all users are occupied with a call, and the queue time limit is exceeded, or when the maximum queue size has been reached.

3. Outside business hours greeting: This greeting will be played outside your business hours and allowing calls outside business hours is disabled.

Add your voice greeting

Next to the standard greetings, it’s also possible to add your own personalised greeting. Follow the steps below to add your own greeting to your voice channel.

1. Click ‘here’;

2. Select your desired greeting or create your own, by clicking ‘New greeting’;

3. Name your greeting and choose to record one, or upload an existing greeting. Click ‘Add greeting’ to add your new greeting to your library;

ℹ️ When you choose to upload a file, make sure the file is in WAV format.

4. Click 'Update channel' at the bottom of the page.

You’ve now successfully configured your voice greetings. You can now further adjust the channel to your liking, and you’re ready to pick up and make phone calls in Trengo.