When setting up your flowbot in Trengo, you are able to add different types of content. One of these is the location finder. If your organization has more than one location, the location finder can route your site visitors to a team at the right location.

The location finder

Trengo’s location finder enables you to connect the customer to the right team, in case your company has multiple locations. If you have, for example, one WhatsApp phone number for your different locations, the location finder enables the flowbot to ask the user which location (or department) they are looking for and assign them to the correct team there.

Managing your locations

Before you can get started setting up your location finder, you need to make sure your different locations are registered correctly in Trengo. Below, you’ll find how to do so.

1. Navigate to Settings > Company profile > Locations and click the ‘plus’ icon;

2. Create your locations;

1. Name: Give your location a recognizable name for your customers.

2. Team: Select the team that will pick up incoming conversations for this location.

3. Identifiers: Every identifier you enter here, can help the customer find this location. Depending on the number of locations you have, you should enter different identifiers for the locations.

Identifiers you would use for your location in Amsterdam, for example, would be ‘Amsterdam’, ‘AMS’, ‘Museumstraat 1’, ‘Museumstraat’, ‘1071 XX’, ‘1071’.

After adding locations to your Trengo account, it’s time to set up the location finder in your flowbot.

Setting up your location finder

To use Trengo’s location finder, you first need to create a flowbot. Add the location finder as content to your flowbot, and configure it as explained below.

Flow locations: Add the locations to your location finder, and enable ‘Suggest locations’, if you’d like your location finder to suggest locations to your customers during the conversation.

Message for new contacts: This text will be displayed when a visitor initiates a conversation with your flowbot.

Suggest guiding text: The text that is sent when the location finder found more than one matching location.

Fallback messages: Here you can enter the text that will display when your location finder can not find a location based on your customers’ answer, or when it finds too many.

Previous location: Your flowbot always remembers a visitors' previous location choice. Enable this option if you want your visitors to be able to confirm their previous location choice.

Now you’ve set up your location finder, you can go ahead and test your flowbot, to then publish it for your customers.