When you’re a user with the role of Administrator, you are able to edit or delete a user at any time. This can be done from within the user settings.

Edit a user

Below you find the steps on how to edit your users in Trengo.

1. Navigate to Settings > Organization > Users;

2. Choose the user you’d like to edit, click the three dots and choose ‘Edit’;

3. The ‘Edit user details’ screen pops up. Here you can edit a variety of information;

1. Email: This is the email address of the user. This can be changed in the user’s personal profile.

2. Name: The user's first and last name.

3. User role: Grant the user their correct role. You can read more about user roles in this Trengo Help Center article.

4. Teams: Assign the user to the right team.

5. Language: Select the language. This is the language in which the user will receive account-relevant emails (e.g. account activation, password reset).

6. Account owner: Choose if you’d like to make this user an account owner. The account owner receives important emails about invoices, the account, and subscription updates. Do note that every organization must have at least one account owner.

7. Organization Role: Type the user’s organization role for colleagues to view their function within the company.

Don’t forget to save your changes. You’ve now successfully edited one of your users.