Incoming conversations in Trengo automatically create contacts. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about contacts in Trengo.

Contacts in Trengo

Contacts are created based on the channel the customer reached out to you. Conversations that are created via one channel will be grouped into one contact.

For example, your customer Peter B. gets in touch with you via different channels: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Because contacts are created according to the channels the conversation is received through, this situation would create two contacts for Peter B.

ℹ️ You can group these contacts using Profiles.

Editing contacts

You can edit your existing contacts in two ways.

🔘 Via the conversation: You can edit a contact directly via the right sidebar in a ticket itself. Open a conversation and click on the triple dot icon in the sidebar on the right, then select 'Edit name' to (re)name your contact.

🔘 Via contact settings: Click the ‘Contacts’ icon on the left sidebar and select ‘All contacts’.

Then select your contact and click the empty name. Fill in the value and click the checkmark to save.

ℹ️ As mentioned above, you can group multiple contacts into one profile, read more about that in this Trengo Help Center article.