It is possible to connect a number to Trengo’s WhatsApp Business API that is already used with the WhatsApp (Business) App. If you’d like to get started using the WhatsApp Business API with an already active number, do keep the following in mind.

Connecting an existing number

To connect a number that is already active on the WhatsApp (Business) App, the number must be temporarily removed in order to connect it to the WhatsApp Business API and activate it in Trengo. You cannot receive messages during this time as the number will be offline. But don’t worry, you will be up and running in a matter of minutes again.

Removing the number from the WhatsApp application will mean that all existing conversation history you have in the WhatsApp (Business) App will be lost.

Transferring chats to Trengo

It is not possible to transfer conversation history from your WhatsApp (Business) App to the WhatsApp Business API. However, it is possible to bulk import your contacts into Trengo, to quickly get your customer communication up and going again.

When you’re ready to connect your phone number to the WhatsApp Business API, follow this link to get started!