To start a conversation with a customer via the WhatsApp Business API, you can send a WhatsApp template. WhatsApp has set some limitations in place for their templates, so keep the information below in mind when creating a WhatsApp template in Trengo.

Formatting your WhatsApp Template

Take the rules below into account, when setting up the text for your template.

🔘 Try not to make any spelling mistakes.

🔘 Keep the text in one language. Usage of multiple languages in one WhatsApp template could lead to rejection of the template.

🔘 A template can not contain more than 1024 characters. Variables are included within this character limit. The usage of ‘tabs’, or more than four consecutive spaces is not allowed.

🔘 Avoid the usage of link shorteners like TinyURL or Bitly. WhatsApp could judge these as obscure, and therefore reject the template.

The use of variables

You can personalize your message with the use of variables when creating a WhatsApp template.

For these variables to properly function, you format them as a number, with two curly brackets on both sides, like {{1}}. Also, keep the following in mind.

🔘 The order in which variables can be added is fixed.
✅ Correct: {{1}} - {{2}} - {{3}} - {{4}}
❌ Incorrect: {{1}} - {{3}} - {{2}} - {{4}}

🔘 It is not possible to use double numbers in a template.
✅ Correct: {{1}} - {{2}} - {{3}} - {{4}}
❌ Incorrect: {{1}} - {{2}} - {{1}} - {{3}}

WhatsApp’s Business and Commerce Policy

Whatsapp allows you to sell your goods or services using the WhatsApp Business API, but this has to be in line with both their Business Policy and Commerce Policy.

In case you do not comply with these policies, WhatsApp can temporarily or permanently ban your account. You can file an appeal by sending an email to WhatsApp Business Support. Please note that Trengo can’t influence this process in any way.

For more information on how to comply with the WhatsApp Business and Commerce policies, see this WhatsApp Helpcenter article.

ℹ️ Be aware that additional costs are associated with the use of WhatsApp templates. For an accurate and up-to-date overview, please see WhatsApp’s conversation-based pricing.