There are a few aspects of using the WhatsApp Business API that is good to keep in mind before your application and while using the WhatsApp Business API.

When you’re ready to connect your number to the WhatsApp Business API, follow this link to get started.

Facebook Business Verification

To smoothly proceed with connecting your number to the WhatsApp Business API, be aware that you will need a verified Facebook Business account. Verifying your Facebook Business account is a process that is overseen by Facebook. Therefore, Trengo can't influence the estimated time of approval.

Take into account that the Facebook Business ID cannot be changed during the application process, as well as the registered number. In case you’d like to change your Facebook Business ID or phone number, you need to start a new application.

Downgrade restraint

Once a phone number is registered on the WhatsApp Business API, it cannot be used for the regular WhatsApp Business App or the regular WhatsApp App. In case you’d like to downgrade to one of these two apps, the number has to be unused for 30 days. If the number has not been used for 30 days, you can delete the number from the WhatsApp Business API by clicking the ‘trash bin’ icon on the ‘Whatsapp numbers’ page in your Meta business account.

Group chats and calling through WhatsApp

WhatsApp group chatting is not supported within the WhatsApp business API. Besides that, the WhatsApp Business API also doesn't support making calls.