After adding a Voice channel to your Trengo inbox, you are able to adjust your outbound number. The outbound phone number is the number that can be dialed by your customer, and the number a customer sees when they are called by you. In this article, we’ll show you how to adjust your outbound number.

Adjust your outbound number

Follow the steps below to configure the voice greetings in your voice channel.

1. Navigate to Settings > Channels > Voice and select your voice channel;

2. Scroll down to ‘VoIP settings’ and configure your outbound phone number. Click ‘here’ to add a custom outbound phone number;

3. Click ‘Add phone number’ to add your outbound phone number;

4. Add your outbound phone number and fill out the ‘Optional extension’ when you are verifying a caller ID linked to an IVR or extension. You can use the character ‘w’ to add a 0.5-second delay. Click ‘Add phone number’;

5. You will receive a call on the phone number you filled in. The automated message will ask you for a 6-digit code, which you can find under ‘Status’, as seen below;

6. After verifying the number, you are able to add it as your outbound phone number.

Don’t forget to click ‘Update channel’ at the bottom of the page, to save your changes.

You’ve now successfully set up your outbound phone number. You can now further adjust the channel to your liking, and you’re ready to pick up and make phone calls in Trengo.