Custom fields are a great way to add extra information to a ticket, contact, profile, or user. Everything you need to know about custom fields can be found in this Trengo Helpcenter article. Below, we’ll explain how to add a custom field to your inbox.

Add a custom field to your Trengo inbox

If you’d like to add a custom field to your Trengo-inbox, please follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Settings > Settings > Custom fields and click ‘New custom field’;

2. Set up your custom field;

1. Title: Add the title of your custom field.

2. Category: Choose the category of your custom field.

1. Channels: Choose the channels to which you like to add the custom field.

ℹ️ You only select a channel when you choose the ‘Ticket’ or ‘Contact’ category.

2. Field type: Choose the field type you want to have filled in by your users, and fill in the required information.

1. Required: Toggle this button if the custom field needs to be filled in before closing the conversation.

ℹ️ You can select ‘Required’ when you chose the ‘Ticket’, ‘Contact’, or ‘Profile’ category.

2. Identifier: This will be automatically generated, based on the title of the custom field, and can be used to refer to this custom field in signatures and quick replies.

Click the ‘Create custom field’ button to create your custom field.