By adding a website widget to your Trengo inbox, you create a framework to which you can add all channels your customers can reach out through. In this article, we’ll show you how to do this.

Adding a website widget

Follow the steps below to add a website widget to your Trengo inbox.

1. Navigate to Settings > Settings > Web widgets, and click the ‘plus’ icon;

2. Click ‘Settings’;

3. Set up your website widget;

1. Widget title: The title of your website widget, which will not be shown to the customer.

2. Company display name: The name of your company, displayed at the top of the website widget. You can manage it by clicking the ‘here’ button.

3. Default channel: Select the channel that shows when your customer opens your website widget.

1. Widget colour: Choose the colour that will be used in different parts of the website widget.

2. Show team: If enabled, your chat users (including profile picture and name) will be shown in the website widget.

3. Widget position: Choose on which side of your website you’d like to display the website widget.

4. Widget icon: Choose the icon that will be shown when the widget is closed.

1. Hide Trengo logo: Enable this button to hide the Trengo logo in your website widget.

2. Send events to Google Analytics: Enable this button if you’d like to track widget events in Google Analytics.

After clicking ‘Create widget’, you’re website widgets’ framework is set up. Now it’s time to add channels to your website widget.