How to set up auto replies.

You can use auto replies to let your customers know that you've received their message. Apply them to different social media channels, your email, or to your business hours.

  1. Go to your settings >automation >auto replies.
  2. Click on the green + sign.

  3. Fill in the form:
    1. Name 
      Name your auto reply.
    2. Channels
      Connect it to the right channels and make sure you have the right business hours set up. Learn more about business hours.
    3. Message when opened
      Here you can assign the auto reply message you want to send during your working hours.
    4. Message when closed
      Here you assign the auto reply message you want to send outside your working hours.

      ­čĺíNote: You can assign auto replies to both within and outside your working hours or only within or only outside your working hours. It's up to you.

    5. Customize days
      If you want your auto reply to only trigger on a specific day, then tick the box and select the days you want your auto reply to trigger. If you want to set up different auto replies for different days you need to create separate auto replies for each day.

Make sure to save.