With Trengo, you can use auto replies to automatically let your customers know that you've received their message.

Set up auto replies

If you like to set up auto replies in Trengo, please follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Settings > Navigation > Auto replies;

2. Click the plus-icon or ‘Add auto reply’ and configure your auto reply;

1. Title: Give your auto reply a recognizable name.

2. Channels: Add the channels to which you want this auto reply to apply. Make sure you have the correct business hours set up for these channels.

3. Auto reply during business hours: Set up the message that will be sent during business hours.

4. Auto reply outside business hours: Set up the message that will be sent outside business hours.

5. Customise days: If you’d like the auto reply to be sent out on specific days, click the toggle and select on which days the auto reply should be active.

6. Archive this auto reply: Click this toggle to archive your auto reply.

After clicking 'Save changes', you have now created an auto reply in Trengo! When sent, your auto reply will be snoozed for a certain time, to make sure to not overload your customers with messages, when they reach out to you multiple times in a row.

Do note that you can always edit, archive, or delete your auto replies by going to your auto reply manager.